Suburban Cooperative is a food allergy friendly school!

At Suburban Cooperative, we believe the safety and health of all our children come first. We take food allergies very seriously! Whether it is a peanut, dairy, soy, or gluten, we take all precautions in our classroom to ensure all of our kids have a safest space possible to learn and grow.
It is the helping parent's responsibility to provide the classroom with a prepacked snack for the class every school day. We are clear with all parents enrolling at our school of the guidelines and dietary restrictions of snack as needed.

Here are some helpful links to find allergy friendly packaged snacks to share.
Snack Safely's Safe Snack Guide
Peanut free life's Safe food list

Bottled water and juice are always a great drink to share in class!

As always contact us for further information about our food allergy policies or special accommodations your child may need.