The Four's Pre-K Class

Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday 9:00 am–11:15 am

This class prepares your 4 or 5-year-old for Kindergarten. Our STEAM based curriculum and lesson plans target all the current standards for Kindergarten readiness. In addition to curriculum our program components form a playful and inspiring environment, allowing children to blossom and grow to their fullest potential. Our classroom is made up of learning stations, students may partake in any combination of activities during the school day. These stations include: imaginative play, craft, fine motor skills, building, reading readiness, numbers and shapes, counting, spacial relationships, large motor skills, and social development.

In the 4's class students travel outside of the classroom for regularly scheduled field trips. Each field trips is an enriching experience that round out the weekly or monthly curriculum themes. These experiences along with the craft, learning activities, reading readiness, and song and finger-plays, give your pre-kindergartener a well-rounded, three dimensional experience of the material and themes.



Curriculum and themes

Suburban Cooperative Nursery School's curriculum integrates play-based and formal learning to gently introduce first-time students to a traditional classroom setting. Through the use of daily lesson plans we focus on developmentally appropriate themes and activities that provide a nurturing environment for exploration and learning.  Our classroom fully integrates STEAM activities into the daily curriculum. Your child will learn about science, be creative through art and music, define spacial relationships through building with blocks and Legos, explore math with number and counting activities, practice alphabet letters and work on pre-reading skills, developing large and fine muscles, while building a great foundation for kindergarten.

Examples of current curriculum themes are: good nutrition/ trying new foods, animals and pets, nature/ plants/ growing seeds, careers, family and friendship, the wild west, the circus, learning to share, and weather.

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Daily Routine

Free play
Learning stations
Fine and large motor development
Reading readiness
Numbers & Shapes
Arts & Crafts
Calendar time
Circle time
Finger plays
Gym (Wednesdays only)



4's Pre-K class
9:00-11:15am Monday
9:00-11:15am Tuesday
9:00-11:15am Wednesday
OFF- Thursday
OFF- Friday


Enrollment and Investment

Suburban Cooperative Nursery School is an open enrollment preschool. You may enroll your child once they are four. This can happen through out the year as space allows. Our class size for the Pre-K (4's) class is limited to 12 children. Our smaller class sizes allow for a personalized preschool day.
The investment you make in your child's education is an important one. Cooperative preschool not only broadens your personal reach in your own child's educational experience, but it is also offers an exceptional value.

Tuition for the school year is $125.00 per month. Tuition is due the first week of every month. Parents may also choose to make a quarterly payment or an annual payment if preferred. Contact Jan Lorko to arrange your preferred payment plan. In addition to your monthly tuition there is a small supply fee due at the beginning of the school year. Each family also has a yearly fundraising requirement. The dollar amount is determined after class size and classroom overhead is tallied.

For more information please contact our Registrar by email or phone (440) 834-2667.


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Past field trips and special activities

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