Meet Our Teacher and Director Jan Lorko

Jan Lorko is the teacher and director of Suburban Cooperative Nursery School. She received her Early Childhood Education and Language Arts degree from the University of Akron, and she was awarded the Phi Theta Kappa Fraternity Honorary. She has 25 years of experience teaching preschoolers, working primarily as an early childhood daycare administrator; for two of those years she worked as an area coordinator for thirteen centers in the Cleveland and Akron areas.

Her cooperative journey began in 1989 when her oldest daughter began preschool at Suburban Co-op. She valued the diverse enrollment, as children from surrounding communities were welcomed at the preschool. In addition, she believed in Suburban’s “Education hand-in-hand” philosophy that involved the teacher, parent, and child. Seeing the benefits that a cooperative education had on all three of her children spurred her to join the Suburban Cooperative teaching team in 2000 as teacher and assistant director. In 2008 She became the director and head teacher for Suburban's program.

When she isn’t cooperatively working with preschoolers and parents, she enjoys cooking, hanging out with her family, improving her golf game, and eating her way through new restaurants in Cleveland. She is currently a supporter of her children: her youngest daughter, a college student; her son, who is pursuing a career in school counseling; and her oldest daughter, who teaches Language Arts at a school for special needs students.

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Parent Board Positions

Our parent board is an integral part of Suburban Cooperative Nursery School's structure. Cooperative preschools are parent run on a volunteer basis. These positions are voted on and elected by current parents at the end of each school year for the following year. These elected office holders are the backbone of our school, these parents keep our program running smoothly. If you are interested in being considered for one of these volunteer positions please contact Jan Lorko. We also have several committees to join if these positions are filled or if you prefer to be active but not run for office.



  • President works in conjunction with the school director to oversee the general business and operation of the school.

  • President schedules and presides over all parent and Board meetings.

  • President contributes to the monthly newsletter to update and inform parents about school business.

  • President is responsible for assigning extra committees as needed.


2nd Vice Presdent (Fundraising)

  • Fundraising chair coordinates, organizes, and collects funds from all fundraisers.

  • Fundraising chair coordinates our candy sales and our annual bowling party.

  • Fundraising chair contributes to the monthly newsletter.

  • Fundraising chair attends all Board meetings.

1st Vice President (Registrar)

  • Registrar responds to inquiries from prospective parents and arranges classroom visits.

  • Registrar collects registration fees and maintains applications and paperwork.

  • Registrar will compile and update class roster and maintain class waiting lists.

  • Registrar contributes to the monthly newsletter.

  • Registrar attends all Board meetings.



  • Treasurer manages all school finances, tracking revenue and paying expenses.

  • Treasurer maintains a record of all receipts.

  • Treasure will submit budget to the board and parents for approval at the beginning of the fiscal year.

  • Treasurer contributes to the monthly newsletter.

  • Treasurer attends all Board meetings.


  • Secretary updates the school handbook the summer before school starts.

  • Secretary records the minutes at all parent and Board meetings.

  • Secretary updates and maintains the school's web presence.

  • Secretary maintains and promotes the schools social media presence.

  • Secretary contributes to the monthly newsletter.

  • Secretary attends all Board meetings.


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